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Are your new hire materials sending the right message?

4 reasons to make a positive first impression

By Danielle Foley
Senior Communication Consultant 

We know that good benefits communication is essential for helping employees make smart decisions during annual enrollment. But what about your new hires? Are the materials they receive an afterthought?

Here are 4 reasons why it’s so important for your new hire materials to make a positive first impression:

  1. New hires are a captive audience. If there’s one time when employees (and their spouses/partners) are laser-focused on benefits, it’s during the hiring and onboarding process. This is your chance to broadcast all the great benefits your company offers and reaffirm their decision to join. It’s also an opportunity to quantify the investment you’re making in them through your total rewards package.
  2. As Mom always says, you only have one opportunity to make a good first impression. Even though they’re already hired, sending enthusiastic new employees—especially millennials—a huge packet of paper forms or multiple PDFs they need to download gives the impression that you haven’t joined the digital age. Chances are you used cutting-edge tactics like social media and digital advertising in your recruiting process, so don’t stop there. Offer new hires a simple, clean microsite with everything they need to know and do about benefits. As an added advantage, a website outside the firewall means spouses can log on, too.
  3. You get the chance to market those perks and programs that don’t require annual enrollment. Again, back to that captive audience thing. If you’ve got great perks, like student loan repayment, volunteer time off, fertility benefits, back-up child care programs, or even pet insurance…this is your chance to advertise them. These benefits provide a huge bang for the buck, especially with younger employees. And—bonus marketing!—they’ll also tell their friends and family about them.
  4. New hires are expensive, so make sure they stay. With the unemployment rate so low, talent is in limited supply. Research shows that new hires make the decision to stay with a company long-term within the first six months on the job. So, engage them right away with new hire materials that impress.

Communication Insight

Great new hire materials don’t have to break the bank. The New Year is the perfect time to repurpose your annual enrollment communication so that your new hires get the same top-notch benefits information as long-timers.

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  1. Danielle, great information on new hire materials! It’s so important for new hires to understand their benefits. I especially like the information on marketing the available perks and resources that don’t require annual enrollment. In speaking with employees who were on disability or other types of leaves I was amazed how many new or existing employees did not know about available resources that can help them through their situation. Once we communicated this information (in partnership with the O’Keefe Group) employees began utilizing resources and improving their quality of life. Great blog – thanks for sharing!

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