Johnson & Johnson

Data Privacy Week: Playing games with data privacy  

Learn how we worked with Johnson & Johnson on an engaging campaign to help employees understand the importance of protecting patients’ personal data. 

  • Make complex and unfamiliar information about data privacy engaging, motivating, and relevant. 
  • Facilitate the process for business partners to engage with the Privacy team. 
  • Communicate with a diverse, cross-functional population of employees in multiple languages. 
  • Overcome scheduling difficulties of previous campaigns. 
  • Work within a limited timeframe and budget. 

With only two months available for planning and execution, OKG created a multi-faceted campaign under the unifying theme, Privacy by Design (a concept that integrates data privacy into organizational systems, processes, and infrastructure).  

  • The Wheel of Privacy game offered a fun way to educate about J&J’s Privacy by Design principles.  
  • Use case scenarios brought Privacy by Design principles to life.  
  • A Communications Toolkit provided a turnkey approach for the Global Privacy team to engage with employees in the regions. 
  • Our “surround sound” strategy included intranet articles, Viva Engage (internal social media) posts, live meetings, Zoom meetings (with specially designed backgrounds), infographics, and in-office plasma screens. 
  • Data Privacy Week – a five-day event – replaced the traditional one-day event, providing greater flexibility to the regions in planning and scheduling.  
  • Editable templates expedited translation of materials into six languages. 

  • Supported Privacy Week events in Brazil, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Taiwan, and the US  
  • Enabled a more proactive approach to data privacy best practices  
  • Raised business partner awareness and understanding of how to engage with the Privacy team   
  • Achieved greater regional flexibility in planning and execution   
  • Delivered a well-received, multifaceted campaign in a short timeframe and on budget