5 Content and Design Hacks That Will Make Your Message Stand Out

Information overload bogging you down? You’re not alone.

That’s why, if you want your own communications to make an impact, you need to connect with your readers. That means creating concise, jargon-free, and actionable copy, whether you’re writing an email, a presentation, a newsletter or a social post.

And the way your content looks on the page is just as important as the words themselves, because graphic design and content work hand in hand.

In today’s hyper-visual world, graphic design can make or break your message. It can be a catalyst, moving people to action – or it can work against you, simply adding to digital clutter.

Research shows that “chunking” content – breaking it into smaller bites, presenting a few sentences at a time – is the best way to help readers digest it and make it easier to retain and recall.

Adding well-chosen design elements such as color, white space, and images makes it easier for the reader to navigate the page and helps you get your message across.

Here are five communication hacks that are proven to engage readers and get results:

  1. Draw readers in with an intro they can relate to – and use large, easy-to-read type.
  2. Focus on a single subject or program.
  3. Keep it simple – ditch the jargon and bloated syntax.
  4. Create visual interest with photos and icons.
  5. Break up the page with white space, bullet points, and color.

Design elements in action

Here’s a piece we created to help a health care company communicate its generous time-off policies. The piece appeared on multiple internal social and intranet channels and was credited with improving employee retention at the peak of the pandemic – a time when burnout, and the resulting potential for turnover, was high.

Take a look at how design and content work together to promote the company’s time off program effectively:

Great design doesn’t have to be flashy or expensive. In fact, a clean, simple, fixed design is often more effective – and less distracting – than one with embedded videos, popups, and animations.

So the next time you need to get the word out to your people, consider both what you’re saying, and how you’re saying it.

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