The Shocking Stats: Introducing The O’Keefe Group Benefits Bootcamp

Do your employees fully understand their benefits? Do they know which plans will work best for them each year? Do they appreciate your company’s investment in their benefits? If the answer to any of these questions is no, you’re not alone.

Check out this infographic for the shocking stats.

Introducing The O’Keefe Group Benefits Bootcamp

We can help your employees make sense of their benefits – with The O’Keefe Group Benefits Bootcamp.

Our Benefits Bootcamp program is a fun and engaging way to educate employees during:
•  Annual enrollment
•  New hire orientation
•  Ongoing benefits education campaigns

Employees will learn:
•  How can a high-deductible health plan actually save me money?
•  What’s the difference between coinsurance and copayments?
•  What does “meeting a deductible” mean?
•  What is a prescription “formulary list”?
•  What kind of care can I get through telehealth?
•  And much more

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